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I’m a mom to highly energetic toddler twin boys. They are my inspiration for photography and the reason I strive to be a better photographer. Watching them play makes me want to save every single moment before they grow up. I want to document their bonding, fighting, and view on the world. Being with them helps me understand that it is important to capture these memories. It helps me to connect to my clients and strive to freeze those memories for them. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, expecting a new addition, or just out for some fun, I would like to be your lifestyle photographer.

My style of photography is a little unique from your typical studio. I tend to be more natural, fresh, and on-location. My editing style is simple and I don't process your photographs with the latest fad. My goal is to capture your lifestyle and create photographs that are timeless. You will walk away with original photos which you will treasure forever.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The D Man | Snellville Georgia Newborn Photographer

As one of our favorite urologist always says, "pee and poop must pass". Well this held true for this little man. No sooner did we put him on a brand new fresh blanket or take his diaper off, it came flowing! I had a blast meeting Mr. D today. He was such a good sleeper at 8 days old. Mom, I had a great time photographing you two. Enjoy your sneak peek!
little bear cub

I love it when clients have awesome props in their houses!!! Grandma has great taste in decorating!
Dished out


Ashley said...

Lil man is too handsome!!!! Congratulations again amber and Johnnie! love y'all Ashley g.

charcar said...


Erika W. said...

Dorian is so precious! A perfect little bundle of joy. The pictures are great!!

Treasure said...

Lil D Man is so precious!!! She's right, his grandma does have great taste in home decor. Love you guys!!! T.B.

Grandma Mercer said...

Dorian is so adorable!!!!!! The pictures are wonderful! Much love to all!

DZsMommy said...

Awwww my Little One is pooped after his poop session! Lol, thank you ladies for your comments. Christie, we had such a wonderful time with you; thank you for coming! You didn't realize that diaper duty was going to take over the shoot huh?

Dorian's Father said...

Dorian, you look like a tiny chocolate candy bar. lol We all love you son!

Simone said...

These pics are priceless!!! He is so beautiful!!!

Auntie Teria said...

Awwww look at my juicy!!!! His complexion is so pretty!

GorgeousGrandma said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby!- It must be in the genes-- I'll love you always my little Chocolate Chip!

Love Your GG

Gr8Granny said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love these pictures of my first great grandson. YEY FOR DORIAN

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