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Welcome to my new photography blog. Paper Lantern Photography is my little nook and outlet for creativity. Check in often to see what/who I’ve been meeting. I will always try to post a sneak peek from new sessions.

I’m a mom to highly energetic toddler twin boys. They are my inspiration for photography and the reason I strive to be a better photographer. Watching them play makes me want to save every single moment before they grow up. I want to document their bonding, fighting, and view on the world. Being with them helps me understand that it is important to capture these memories. It helps me to connect to my clients and strive to freeze those memories for them. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, expecting a new addition, or just out for some fun, I would like to be your lifestyle photographer.

My style of photography is a little unique from your typical studio. I tend to be more natural, fresh, and on-location. My editing style is simple and I don't process your photographs with the latest fad. My goal is to capture your lifestyle and create photographs that are timeless. You will walk away with original photos which you will treasure forever.

Enjoy browsing my blog and email me to set up a session!


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tween Style | Gwinnett Child Photographer

This gorgeous girl is A. She just had a birthday and wanted to document how much she's grown! She was a natural and seemed to have a good time posing for me!

IMG_9247 web

IMG_9288 as Smart Object-1


Gwinnett County Child Photographer
All Images and Text Copyrighted Paper Lantern Photography LLC

Friday, August 28, 2009

Twin Love | Suwanee GA Baby Photographer

These are our boys' twin friends. They love having play dates with H & C and so does mom. I think you will be seeing photos of these two cuties often. I'm determined to capture a smile!!!

Just making sure I have all my fingers...

Henry Claudia 1 yr_0074b as Smart Object-1

Henry Claudia 1 yr_0062 as Smart Object-1

Henry Claudia 1 yr_0009 as Smart Object-1

Gwinnett County Child Photographer
All Text and Images Copyrighted Paper Lantern Photography LLC

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweet Sisters | Lilburn GA Baby and Child Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph some friends of ours before they moved away... sniffle sniffle. We miss them already and they have not been gone long. We hope you like the photos.


2Lindsey 1 year Emily_0132

Lindsey 1 year Emily_0110

2.4x6Lindsey 1 yr Emily_0197

Gwinnett County Photographer
All Text and Images Copyrighted Paper Lantern Photography LLC

Saturday, August 1, 2009

They're 1 !!!!! Happy Birthday | Lilburn Georgia Baby and Child Photographer

The boys turned one on Sunday. Of course we had to do a cake smash session. This was our first cake smash. I think we have the first kid who does not like cake!

1st Birthday_0007

1st Birthday_0013

1st Birthday_0051

1st Birthday_0069

1st Birthday_0079

1st Birthday_0084

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