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I’m a mom to highly energetic toddler twin boys. They are my inspiration for photography and the reason I strive to be a better photographer. Watching them play makes me want to save every single moment before they grow up. I want to document their bonding, fighting, and view on the world. Being with them helps me understand that it is important to capture these memories. It helps me to connect to my clients and strive to freeze those memories for them. Whether you are celebrating a milestone, expecting a new addition, or just out for some fun, I would like to be your lifestyle photographer.

My style of photography is a little unique from your typical studio. I tend to be more natural, fresh, and on-location. My editing style is simple and I don't process your photographs with the latest fad. My goal is to capture your lifestyle and create photographs that are timeless. You will walk away with original photos which you will treasure forever.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The C Family | Gwinnett Family Photographer

Do you remember the contest we held a few months ago? This is the family who won the Fresh Faces Contest. We had to postpone our first session because it was probably the worst day of the year for pollen count. They are super sweet people and so well dressed! Mom is so funny and full of great ideas. I knew I would like her when she pulled up in the same car and pulled out the same exact stroller that we own! These are a few of my favorites.

IMG_3790 as Smart Object-1

IMG_3749 as Smart Object-1

IMG_3704 as Smart Object-1

IMG_3626 as Smart Object-1

This is a rare one of them together. If you knew how hard it was to take this photo, you would love it as much as I do.
IMG_3621 as Smart Object-1


Loria said...

We love them! You really captured Colby and Camden's personality!

1prissymissy said...

Super aDorAbLe!! I love them all. Of course I'm a little biased... Colby will be Married to Morgan ONE DAY- eventually. AND Camden is the cutest thing ever. These pics really do capture their little personalities. I can not believe how BIG Camden is already?!

Jess said...

These are the most beautiul children I have ever seen! Their mother must be gorgeous! Fabulous photos!!

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness....these pictures are so good. Loria said it when she said you capture their personality. Colby and Camden are so happy and full of life and you can see that in these pictures. I cannot wait to tell my friends and family about Paper Lantern Photography!


Kathi said...

Oh my gosh! Soo cute! I love the one of Camden adn Colby together! And the one of Colby laying on the stairs!

JLong said...

I LOVE these kids!

Anonymous said...

Did a great job on the pics! Cambden and Colby came out beautifully!

erin said...

Absolutely adorable!! Two cuties in a beautiful setting. Love the pics and the kiddos. :)

dennimd said...

These are amazing!

Alicia said...

Christie, beautiful work! Love your clarity and processing. Nice job.

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